The Honeycomb Effect
Business Strategy


We have extensive experience in consulting and assisting businesses to identify new growth opportunities. We work with business leaders to identify key strategic areas and facilitate workshops with stakeholders to generate new ideas and solutions. We can also research industries and identify opportunities for future growth. Our expertise is in 5 key areas:


  • Strategic Planning Workshops & Facilitation

  • Innovation & Ideation Sessions

  • Strategic Consulting Services 

  • Consumer & Market Insights

  • Change Management



The Honeycomb Effect
Advertising and Communications


Advertising Strategy is the heartland of The Honeycomb Effect. In an ever changing media environment it is increasingly difficult to gather and retain an audience. However, good ideas are still the currency on which advertising is successful, regardless of the medium. We consider audiences across all channels - including traditional media as well as social, experiential and digital. Crucially, we also consider the role of advertising within a business itself - to ensure that all employees are engaged with the strategy and its implementation. Our services include:


  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • PR

  • Advertising

  • Corporate Communications

  • Employee Engagement

Carolyn Miller Gruen
Conferences & Events


Carolyn Miller is well recognised as a thought leader within the creative industries and has vast experience in delivering engaging keynote addresses and hosting symposiums. She is a regular panellist on ABC program 'Gruen', and also appears on other shows such as The Today Show, Sunrise, and ABCNews24 as an expert in advertising and creative persuasion.


She is available for Conferences and Team Days as well as Media Engagements and Interviews. She has been represented by Saxton Speakers Bureau since 2009.   



The Honeycomb Effect
Training Days


We are of the full belief that the best employees are the ones who have the skills as well as the intrinsic motivation to get the job done. It sounds basic, but it can often be one of the biggest challenges for Management. We provide training days for both Leaders and Employees on a variety of topics including: 


  • How to Think Creatively

  • Personal Branding

  • Engaging Your Staff

  • Modern Leadership

  • Nimble Decision Making

  • Gen Y and the Evolving Workforce


We are also happy to work with our clients for any specific need areas, and develop bespoke Training Day Workshops as required.